Hi, we are Michi & Chris,
we’ve moved to Singapore to travel South East Asia!

Michi and Chris in an aircraft

From Germany …

For as long as we can remember we’ve been obsessed with traveling. At first, we started out in Europe, where we are both born and met each other. From Spain to Poland, from UK to Greece, we’ve seen a lot of places in our home continent.

… to Singapore

In 2015, we moved to Singapore as a home base to travel South East Asia. The city-state has proven to be a great host and base. Since then we’d traveled most countries of South East Asia and beyond. See the travel map in the bottom to get an idea of all the countries that we covered so far.

Creating ‘Chase That Rainbow’

Traveling South East Asia, we also wanted to document our trips. Hence we started a private blog for friends and family back home in Germany. Since then we have met more and more friends along the way and also received requests to start a public blog in English language.

This website is our answer to get the word out and share our travel experiences with you! We aim to add background stories as well as tips that help us get around and prepared.

The page started in early 2019 and we’ll continuously add more content and improve it’s appeal.
Please share your feedback with us!

Travel Map

The following map highlights all the countries and territories that at least one of us has visited and spend a night in. Most of them we traveled together. Hover over the colored countries to see which ones they are.

Traveled the World Placeholder
Traveled the World